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Our Story.

“Great games are the result of a well-worked passion.”

We are a team of people who are passionate about creating experiences that reach beyond the status quo and transform them into games.

We believe that anything is possible when we are passionate. For us, they’re not just games, they’re our passion and our core belief is “great games are the result of a well-worked passion.”

There’s so much more we will do. Something we’ve always dreamed of. This is just beginning of our story...

Our Team.

Meet the people behind the scenes of Add Sub!

Creative Director

Carlos & Pepper

Art Director


Sound Director


VP of Operations

Angi & Aeris






Make it as far as you can without knocking the tower over in this beautiful minimal design containing unique challenging game-play which is mindblowingly addictive!

Available on theApp Store

Loop Hit

Test your reaction speed with this highly addictive game! How fast can your finger be? Tap when the ball is over the colors! Hit the targets and get extra points!

Available on theApp Store

Snake Blaster

Tap to shoot, Hold to blast, hit the snake with the exact number for a bonus! A great arcade game that will keep you hooked!

Available on theApp Store

Shrinky Rings

Don’t miss or hit the lines just pass them through the ring! Make the ring jump with a simple tap, jump from line to line and go as far as you can!

Available on theApp Store


Our culture is open, transparent and collaborative. We believe teams being small and tight-knit produce quality work, so we purposefully keep our teams small in which every member is engaged and passionate about what they do.

We believe in passionate people, so we invest in our team and give them the opportunity to shine. Talent can come from anywhere no matter what background or experience. If we like you, we’ll bring you in; so show us what you got.

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